Sunday, January 2, 2011

Day 1 accomplished

Well, I had one oop's yesterday, (that I am aware of) but I have since gone a full 24 hours.  It is true that the less you talk the easier it is, however, that is not the point here.  It is a matter of learning to change the way we talk and think.  This could take some time but I am committed.  Dad and I were over at Adam and Kristy's yesterday playing some Wii with the family.  Adam has asked for another bracelet as his has broken already.  I was a little worried that the bracelets would end up not lasting long but Adam assured me that he started wearing his a week ago because he felt he needed a head start on everyone else.  He said, " I changed it over so many times that it finally just snapped".  I do have a few more if anyone else is in need.  The men will have to be careful rotating theirs because of their somewhat larger wrists. 


  1. awesome job mom!! is there any way to make it so that the rest of us can put posts up on here. i think it's just set up for you and jake and melissa. but i could be wrong. thanks!

    it's a good thing our thoughts don't count - or my bracelet probably would have busted by now. i almost went a full 24 hours the other day, but i had a slip of the tongue when i was driving. figures! :)

  2. One day? My longest was 8 hours (I was sleeping for 6 of them. I'm going to have to find these 21 days between calls.